Donations still needed for the finishing touches and Phase 2 of this exciting project.

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The Vision…

As a community, the goal is to raise $76,000 to purchase a bronze memorial statue of Zemp to display downtown. The vision is to create a life size statue that not only serves as a visual memorial, but also as an inviting and interactive character. The statue of Zemp will be larger than life with him holding a camera that he used. He will be leaning on a stack of books that also help tell the story of what Zemp contributed to our community. This type of statue will be the first of its kind in the Howell area. To accompany Zemp’s statue, a bronze memorial plaque will be stationed near the area explaining his legacy, and listing the top donors that helped make the memorial possible.
This project is being done in conjunction with Howell Rotary and Howell Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation and many people that cherished Zemp, the preservation of our history, and the importance of sharing his legacy with future generations.
Donations can be made out to the Howell Chamber Foundation with ‘Zemp Legacy’ in the memo line.
Mail to:
123 E. Washington Street
Howell, Michigan 48843
You can also donate using the link below